Charo Impersonator
Charo Impersonator

Charo Impersonator

Ole!! Welcome to the colorful world of Charo!!! Where everything is... hot, hot, hot!!!!!!

Energize your shows, corporate events, industrial shows or parties with the talents of Linda Axelrod as Charo! The impish latin lovely known for her lovable accent, unique brand of wit, ditz and musical virtuosity.

Flamboyantly dressed in Charo's trademark fashion of big hair and platform shoes instantly makes Linda's Charo synonymous with excitement and fun. Linda's brilliant portrayal of this red hot spitfire ignites every show with lively songs and her hilarious sense of humor. Audience participation is welcome, especially when Linda as Charo selects her background singers, "The Fiesty Fajitas", ay carumba!!!!

Drawing in an audience and keeping them, with her inimitable charm enables Linda Axelrod as Charo to successfully launch any product with a customized script or with her improvisational skills.

It's never a dull moment around the Cuchi Cuchi girl......

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